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Helly Nahmad Gallery New York is pleased to present for OVR: Miami Beach, “Parallels” a vibrant colorful display of sculptural masterpieces paired lovingly with paintings which happily thrive next to one another. Jean Dubuffet's Site Aléatoire avec 2 Personnages, 1982 and Miró's Femme et Oiseau, 1967 are presented with one another to create a duo of cheerful primary colors. Alexander Calder's stabile Black II, from 1949 brings movement and deep tones of red to the luscious green of Lucio Fontana's Concetto Spaziale (66-B-14), 1966.The spatial origin of Fontana’s “Holes” elegantly melds with Calder’s own concepts of space, while also contrasting with the static nature of painting. Pablo Picasso's Portrait d' Homme Barbu, 1964 brings a human element to connect with Alexander Calder's mobile Untitled, 1948 while also creating a peaceful interplay of the primary colors used in each. Our presentation seeks to uplift the spirit, find joy in art and to showcase the interconnectedness between artists and all peoples of the world.