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This is a cropped image of an oil on board by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec which depicts a woman seated on a chair doing a manicure. this painting is not merely a portrait but a complex study of a woman making herself ready for the day, surrounded by all the objects she needs to achieve this. Every detail is organized to suggest the casual disorder of real life.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, La Toilette: Madame Fabre (Femme se faisant les mains), 1891
Oil on board
72 x 66 cm. (28.3 x 26 in.)
©Helly Nahmad Gallery NY

Le Festival Normandie Impressionniste 2020, Léon-Jules Lemaître par les rues de Rouen, Flâner
April 3 - September 7, 2020


The Nahmad Collection is pleased to participate to Le Festival Normandie Impressionniste 2020, Léon-Jules Lemaître par les rues de Rouen, Flâner, taking place at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen.

Among the Rouen painters most representative of what is known as the Rouen School is Léon-Jules Lemaître (1850-1905). A talented pupil of his city’s drawing school, he received a grant which enabled him to continue his journey in the capital. Between 1873 and 1879, he attended the first exhibitions of the Impressionists, who excited him more than the lessons of his master, the uncompromising Gérôme.

Hyphen with Parisian circles, he converted his friends who remained in Rouen, Charles Angrand, Charles Frêchon, Joseph Delattre to Impressionism, then to Neo-Impressionism. Together, they formed "the four musketeers" of the Rouen School. He continued this adventure until 1890, before specializing in the views of Rouen which ensured him a real success with lovers of the time, confirmed by the following generations.

To date, no personal exhibition has come to retrace this career, and no publication has been dedicated to this central personality for the dissemination of Impressionism in Normandy. In partnership with the Association of the Friends of the School of Rouen, the Museum of Fine Arts intends to bring together a group representative of the painter's various periods, from public and private collections, thus producing the first monograph devoted to Leon- Jules Lemaître.