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Georges Braque, Nature morte à la pipe, 1919 Oil on canvas 46 x 55 cm. (18 x 21 3/4 in.) This painting represents in a cubist manner, in grey tons a bottle of wine, grapes and a glass all upon a light orange table.

Georges Braque, Nature Morte à la Pipe, 1919
Oil on canvas
46 x 55 cm. (18 x 21 3/4 in.)

Vis à Vis-3. Fernand Léger et ses ami.e.s
June 1 - September 23, 2019

The Nahmad Collection is pleased to contribute to the exhibition, Vis à Vis-3. Fernand Léger et ses ami.e.s.
This exhibition is the last in a series of three devoted to Fernand Léger and his friends. A social, generous and curious man, the polymorphous artist has always been surrounded by painters or sculptors with whom he has forged a genuine friendly relationship or simply developed an artistic collaboration, each influencing his work in his own way.

His work, oscillating between abstraction and figuration, largely contributed to the great aesthetic upheavals of the first half of the twentieth century, without necessarily being strictly related to one of the main European avant-garde movements. If the first two exhibitions of this cycle highlighted several artistic movements like Futurism or Surrealism, showed the fascination of the time for mechanics and prolonged the artistic filiation until Francis Bacon or Roy Lichtenstein, this new hanging explores the subjects of painting as the landscape and the representation of the human figure. An unprecedented testimony to the artistic revolution by Fernand Léger, a visionary artist who has had a profound impact on his time.