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Paul Serusier, Les Pavots (Poppies), 1915 this is a painting which represents two women dressed in an old fashion way picking poppy flowers

Paul Serusier, Les Pavots (Poppies), 1915
Oil on canvas
82 x 129.5 cm. (32 1/4 x 52 in.)

©Helly Nahmad Gallery NY

Garden side. From Monet to Bonnard
April 1- November 1, 2021

The Nahmad Collection is pleased to contribute to Garden side. From Monet to Bonnard.
From April 1 to November 1, 2021, the Museum of Impressionisms, in Giverny, France will present a unique exhibition about the gardens: Garden side. From Monet to Bonnard, curated by Cyrille Sciama, director of the Museum, and Mathias Chivot, art historian and independent curator. The exhibition will bring together a hundred paintings, drawings and prints, illustrating the representation of the garden between 1870 and 1890, from a new angle: the sensitivity to the garden. Because although many exhibitions have already dealt with the general subject of the garden and also the theme of the garden among the Impressionists, this will be the first time that a project will confront the contradictory and complementary visions that unite the Impressionists and the Nabis.