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New York, NY—In commemoration of its founding in 2013, Nahmad Contemporary is pleased to present The First Decade, an exhibition that celebrates the gallery’s innovative, decade-long exhibition history while providing a glimpse into its future programming. This comprehensive presentation, on view April 20 through June 3, 2023, showcases more than 30 works created by 19 of the most influential artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Cultivating a dialogue between diverse artistic practices, The First Decade reflects the gallery’s enduring commitment to recontextualize and honor exceptional works of art.

Whether historicizing contemporary artists or inspiring fresh perspectives on modern masters, Nahmad Contemporary’s formative decade of astutely curated shows is reaffirmed with its tenth-anniversary exhibition. Creating a unique framework for a century’s worth of creative strategies, The First Decade brings together an impressive range of genres, movements, and styles, spanning from Kurt Schwitters’ (1887–1948) pioneering collages and Jean Dubuffet’s (1901–85) series of art brut to Cy Twombly’s (1928–2011) lyrical gestures and Albert Oehlen’s (b. 1954) crude figuration. The work of groundbreaking modern artists, such as Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), Georges Braque (1882–1963), René Magritte (1898–1967), and Giorgio de Chirico (1888–1978), will serve as a point of departure for the contemporary artists on display whose works continue to challenge and inspire audiences today, including Daniel Buren (b. 1938), Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960–88), David Hammons (b. 1943), Cady Noland (b. 1956), as well as Richard Prince (b. 1949) and Jonas Wood (b. 1977), whose recent works will be on view for the first time.

The gallery’s founder Joe Nahmad states, “At Nahmad Contemporary, we strive to showcase thought-provoking and innovative contemporary art while also honoring the legacy of modern masters and encouraging new approaches to their canon. Through historically focused exhibitions and scholarship, often highlighting under-appreciated bodies of work, we hope to elicit deeper understanding, engagement, and appreciation.” He continues, “Our tenth-anniversary exhibition not only celebrates and reflects on Nahmad Contemporary’s journey thus far but also looks to its future.”

The last decade has been a period of significant change that not only shifted how we live, work, and communicate but also spurred new forms of creativity and expression. On this tenth anniversary, as Nahmad Contemporary looks back over the years, the gallery’s mission to honor and historicize the work of artists who engage with and make sense of reality remains resolute. Presented through a contemporary lens, the artworks in The First Decade weave a rich and diverse tapestry from which to explore the vital intersections between art, society, and the world around us.